Residential Real Estate

Jonathan and Amy have extensive experience working with real estate professionals and private individuals to provide our clients with excellence in residential transactions, including:

  • Purchases, Sales, and New Home Builds;
  • Condominiums;
  • Drafting private Purchase and Sale Agreements;
  • Refinances and Mortgages through Institutional or Private lenders;
  • Leases & Lease to Own agreements;
  • Property migration to the Land Registry system;
  • Preparation and Registering easements and rights-of-way; and
  • Warranty Deeds, Trustees Deeds, and Quit Claim Deeds.

Our lawyers are registered Legal Service Providers with Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS).

Estate & Probate Law

In the event that a loved one has appointed you as the Personal Representative (commonly called Executor, Executrix, or Trustee) of their Estate, we are prepared to guide you through the probate process to help you distribute the Estate according your loved one’s wishes.  Our estate services include:

  • Reading the Last Will and Testament;
  • Probate of the Last Will and Testament at Probate Court;
  • Administration of an Estate at Probate Court (when someone passes away without a Will and the Intestate Succession Act applies);
  • Informal Closing and Final Accounting of Probated Estates; and
  • Formal Closing and Final Accounting of Probated Estates.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Personal Healthcare Directives

A professionally written Last Will and Testament is essential to ensure your wishes are known in advance, and protect your loved ones. Our lawyers obtain a comprehensive review of the estate to ensure that all assets, from personal affects to real property and businesses, are distributed according to the client’s wishes. Our Lawyers advise on:

  • Last Will and Testament; 
  • Power of Attorney (both Enduring and Specific Powers of Attorney);
  • Personal Healthcare Directive; and
  • Children’s Trusts and appointment of Guardians.

Corporate, Commercial Law & Incorporations

Our clients range from sole proprietors to limited partnerships and privately held corporations.  English Law provides legal services to many established local businesses and sole proprietors for:

  • Business name registration;
  • Sole Proprietorships;
  • Incorporations;
  • General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships;
  • Company Amalgamations, Re-organizations,  Mergers, Acquisitions, and Windups;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Asset or Share Purchase Agreements;
  • Registry of Joint Stock Companies Business Name searches and Trademark searches;
  • Annual Company Renewals with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC); and
  • Minute Book upkeep.

Commercial Real Estate

Our Lawyers provide assistance to both landlords with multi-unit commercial properties and commercial tenants in the following areas:

  • Commercial real property sales and purchases;
  • Mortgages and refinances;
  • Asset and Share Purchase Agreements;
  • Leases and other Commercial Contracts; and
  • Independent Legal Advice for commercial leases.

Family Law

Any family law matter is stressful for those involved; our team of lawyers and paralegals work to handle your matter with sensitivity and efficiency. We provide services for uncontested matters, including:

  • Separation Agreements;
  • Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts; and
  • Divorce by Consent.